Prudential Fund Management launches

30 June 2011

In conjunction with its 10th year anniversary, PFMB is launching a photography competition to reward pictures that best depict its theme of “Making Life Richer”.

“It can be anything — a shot of you parachuting out of a plane, a picture of your kid’s first birthday or your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. We just want people to share with us the moments that made their lives richer,” said Suraj Mishra, Chief Executive Officer of PFMB.

Starting 1st July 2010, the competition will run for three months and there will be weekly, monthly and one grand prize for the best pictures. The best picture for the week will receive RM1,000 worth of unit trusts while the best picture of the month will receive RM3,000 worth of unit trusts.

At the end of the competition, the best picture overall will win a Grand Prize of RM10,000 worth of unit trusts!

To join the competition, participants need to register at http://www.prudentialfunds.com.my/makinglifericher. They can then upload their pictures to the site and invite friends to vote for the picture. The best picture will be the one with the highest amount of votes.

Participants can also get more points by getting friends and family to register at the “Making Life Richer” website. Each referral will earn them one vote.

“At PFMB, our aim is to help people with their investments and make their life richer through monetary gains. But we know that our life is made richer not only through financial means.

“As part of our 10th year anniversary campaign, we believe this competition fits the essence of PFMB. Of course, the rewards that we offer will also help make their lives richer,” said Suraj.

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